Alternative Strategy Advisers LLC ("ASA") is a boutique fixed income money manager focusing on niche sectors of the Municipal Bond and Private/Whole Loan markets. Our clients include institutions (Insurance Companies, Family Offices, and Funds) as well as high net worth individuals. In the municipal market, we offer our clients customized portfolios which we manage in either a managed account structure or in the form of an ASA Fund. Excess returns are generated using I) active trading strategies to profit from structural illiquidity and inefficiency, II) credit and structure selection, III) hedging and derivative strategies. Our whole loan fund focuses on originating or purchasing private loans secured by solid collateral but which traditional sources will not fund. The principals of ASA have over 80 years of experience in the financial markets. We have a proven track record of implementing trading strategies, systems and infrastructure successfully. ASA is committed to delivering not only superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors, but also the highest level of client service, transparency, and timely delivery of information.
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      Private Lending
      09 Jan
      In spite of the Trump-induced fireworks that happened in the last 45 days of the year, we found nothing exciting in the private loan space.  Sellers were pretty proud on pricing and 'motivated' borrowers simply didn't materialize as we had hoped.  We have a number of opportunities in the pipeline, but wouldn't describe any of them...
      31 Oct
      While we try to do a quarterly update of what is happening in our world, I must confess there is just not much to say!  Markets have been sclerotic at best in recent months and expected rates of return are paltry.  We continue to mine for nuggets of out-sized opportunity, though we are seeing a higher and higher percentage of proposals...
      21 Jul
      The old adage, "Don't fight the Fed,"  is perhaps even more poignant today than in decades past in the sense that the QE machine, currency creation, debt cancellation, etc. is not confined to the Fed but is a global phenomenon.  We have wondered here for 3 years or more how the continued expansion of global debt could ultimately...
      Municipal Markets
      13 Jan
      While Incoming Governor Rosello has a very difficult task ahead of him, we believe it is possible for his administration to put Puerto Rico back on the path to sustainability.  Some of what needs to happen is beyond his control, i.e. he will need help from the US Congress, though the Commonwealth will have to take the first steps...
      13 Jul
      On June 30, President Obama signed the PROMESA bill, a bill designed to help Puerto Rico sort out its budget, debt, and economic issues. Democrats carried the bill in both chambers, apparently voting along the lines of 'aiding' Puerto Rico residents. Most Republicans voted against the bill because they did not want to be associated...
      08 Mar
      The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) owes 140 million to contractors for completed capital projects; 140 million they do not have. Instead of defaulting on their public bonds which have gross revenue pledges they will likely on their private loans made by other Puerto Rican Agencies like PRIFA and the GDB (which are...
      Investment Insights
      Hold the phone!  Tuesday's shocking election victory by Donald Trump has obviously made the markets think very differently about the future.  Specifically, until about 8PM Eastern on Tuesday...
      We appear to have reached the danger zone in terms of Net Worth to Disposable Income:Historically, this has not boded well for the economy or asset prices and can really only be sustained with cheaper...
      This is a picture of QE and the asset inflation it creates:Microsoft CorpEPS down by 1/3 since QE started at the end of 2012 and the stock has almost doubled.  QE is really the only explanation with...
      What's New At ASA?
      25 Apr
      In general, we are staying small, defensive, and waiting for (much) better opportunities to emerge before growing capital significantly.  Thus far, that strategy has been pretty unfulfilling.  We expect the remainder of 2017 to be challenging for investors in most risk assets.